Michael Lee Luick

1st June 2014

An Old Boy has recently contacted the school from Germany, asking if we could supply him with copies of his school records and also if we can put him in touch with any of the Sulley family, who he stayed with while in Skipton in the early 1980s.

Michael Lee Luick joined the Sixth Form in September 1981 for a year. He was previously educated in Iowa in the US, and returned to America after leaving Ermysted’s in July 1982. His Guardian during his time at school was Mrs J A Sulley of Raikeswood Drive in Skipton.

An entry in the Autumn/Winter 1981-2 edition of the Chronicles reads:
Joining 6Mb for one year is Michael Luick from the USA. He hails from Mason City in the State of Iowa which is, as the lapel badges and green stickers frequently inform us, “a place to grow.”

He is sponsored during his stay here by Rotary International and already has found time to attend a number of conferences as well as pay a visit to the USSR.

Do you remember Michael from his stay at Ermysted’s? You can email him on michaelluickthrams@yahoo.com

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