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In March 1970, local dentist and photographer Ken Ellwood, was given access to film these reels of cine footage to record the whole school Cross Country races and the school’s athletics sports day. Ken’s sons David (1967-74), John (1976-79) and Peter (1979-81) were all pupils at EGS.

With kind permission of Ken’s family, we’re able to share the footage with you here. You can clearly see several members of staff at Ermysted’s from the time – including Jack Eastwood, Ian Douglass, Mike Bingham, George Varley, Mac Earl, Wilbur Paley, Gordon Thomas and many more. We also hope you’ll be able to recognise fellow Old Boys – do let us know in the comments below of anyone you can spot and tell us the time on the video when they appear!

You can click the [ ] symbol on the bottom right of the video to enlarge it to full-screen once it’s playing. The footage is all in HD quality too, so click on the ‘Settings’ (cog wheel) icon once the video is playing and ensure you’ve selected the best quality to view it!

Ermysted’s School Cross Country – Tuesday 3rd March 1970

The Chronicles of Spring 1970 reports:
Conditions were good for the annual school race, this year held on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 3rd, but a cold wind soon chilled the competitors as they waited for the “Off” by the Golf Course.
There were few surprises this year and members of the School cross country teams dominated all the races. In the Senior event, D. Timmins, as expected, won comfortably from J. Naylor, with A. Sharples and Smith P.A. tying for third place. C. McCann, making up for his disappointment last year, won the Intermediate race from Watson and Mallinson. The Junior was a triumph for P. Mattock and M. Williams, who tied for first place, whilst McKenzie won the Prelim. from Hickie, with Carlisle third.

Ermysted’s Athletics Sports Finals – Monday 23rd March 1970

The Chronicles of Spring 1970 reports:
As usual the weather was far too wet and cold at this time of year for enjoyment of athletics. Performers had to endure a wet track and northerly winds, which ruled out the possibility of many records being broken. The Finals were held on March 23rd and 24th.
School House had some capable seniors and in the Long Jump, Dugdill and Horner took the first two places, and in the 400 yards Dugdill, Padley and Crowther took the first three places.
Dugdill, Horner and Artymiuk tied for the Senior Championships. Artymiuk beat Horner into second place in the 100 and 220 yards and also went onto win the 120 yards Hurdles.
Fitchettm despite the short run up to the board, improved the Triple Jump record with a combined jump of 41 ft.
Proud, the Junior Champion, broke the Long Jump record with a leap of 18 ft. 4 1/2 ins. and was second in the Hurdles and 220 yards and third in the 100 yards.
Norton had good wins in the Shot and High Jump and showed good style in both events.
For the second consecutive year Ouldridge was the preliminary champion and would no doubt have won by a greater margin had illness not befallen him on the of the High Jump competition (an event for which he holds the record).
Morphet did extremely well to win the Triple Jump but could do with more basic speed.
The Athletics Cup was won by Ermysted with 122 points, but it is interesting to note the closeness of Toller, 121, and School House, 118 1/2 points.

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  • Rick Artymiuk says:

    It’s funny seeing yourself again all those years ago.

  • Andy Sellers says:

    Great to see the action…before my time but many similarities of the mid-70s when I arrived. Although not able to recognise any of the lads it was good to see former colleagues, some long gone but definitely not forgotten.

  • Neil Kenyon says:

    Good to catch glimpses of JDE, Dai, WAB and Stretch.

    I left in 65/655

  • Tim Oakley says:

    I got to EGS in the september of that year, but my 3 brothers are all in there somewhere. I havent spotted them yet though.

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