Film footage from 1935

This is quite remarkable footage from the Ermysted’s archives, showing the Athletics Sports Finals and the School Cross Country in the 1934-35 academic year. We’ve not been able to establish who filmed these events or why, but we’re really glad they did.

The Chronicles at the time reports: Our movie outfit is a great success. Films have been taken of the Sports and Cross Country. These have dull moments, but there are others when the spectators are moved to appreciative applause. Some “shots” of Speech Day were taken and are awaited with interest.

It seems the reel of film sat in the EGS Archives until perhaps the 1980s, when it was passed to local photographer Ken Ellwood, whose sons attended the school. The film was discovered amongst Ken’s archive by his family following his death, and they have kindly digitised it for us along with other footage filmed by their father in 1970.

If you know the origins of this film, then please do get in touch to let us know.

You can click the [ ] symbol on the bottom right of the video to enlarge it to full-screen once it’s playing. The footage is all in HD quality too, so click on the ‘Settings’ (cog wheel) icon once the video is playing and ensure you’ve selected the best quality to view it!

Ermysted’s Athletics Sports Finals – Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th March 1935

The Chronicles of Mid-Summer 1935 reports:
The Athletics Sports Finals were decided on March 18th and 19th. The weather was delightful, the ground in good condition, and the machinery of organisation moved smoothly. Six records were broken to lend a little piquancy to two pleasantly tranquil afternoons. Apart from Dixon’s outstanding individual successes, the moments of tense excitement were few, but we shall remember for a long time the finish of the Junior Quarter, when Williamson gallantly threw off a gallant challenger. Two other good finishes were those of Senior Hurdles and of the Senior Hundred. The results and present scores in the championship are :—


QUARTER MILE (OPEN).—1, Dixon i; 2, Kirk ; 3, Green i.
Time, 61 2/5 sec.

QUARTER MILE (JUNIOR).—1, Williamson ; 2, Rhodes ; 3, Hall i.
Time, 61.9 sec. (previous record, 1913, 64 1/5 sec.).

Distance 86 yds. 1 ft.

HIGH JUMP (OPEN).—1 Dixon i; 2 Bailey i and Rigby (tie).
Height 5ft. 1in. (previous record 1923 4ft. 11 1/2 in.).

LONG JUMP (JUNIOR).—1, Wild and Williamson (tie); 3, Sutherland.
Distance (Williamson), 16ft. 3 1/2 in. (previous record, 1920, 16ft.).

PUTTING THE WEIGHT (OPEN).—1, Dixon i; 2, Tosney. Distance, 34ft. 1 1/2 in. (previous record, 1934, 32ft. 11in.).

HOUSE TUG-OF-WAR (Semi-final)—(a) School House beat Petyt; (b) Hartley beat Ermysted.


100 YARDS (OPEN).-1, Dixon i and Kirk; 3, Rigby.
Time, 11 3/5 sec.

100 YARDS (JUNIOR).—1, Williamson; 2, Rhodes i; 3, Wild.
Time, 11.9 sec.

100 YARDS (UNDER 13).—1, Lee ; 2, Suddards ii; 3, Belshaw ii.
Time, 13 4/5 sec.

100 YARDS (under 11).—1, Armstrong; 2, Chippendale.
Time, 14 3/5 sec.

HURDLES (OPEN).—1, Rigby ; 2, Green i ; 3, Brooksbank.
Time, 19 1/5 sec.

HURDLES (JUNIOR).—1, Liversidge ; 2, Williamson ; 3, Taylor iv.
Time, 19.5 sec. (previous record, 19 3/5 sec., 1930).

LONG JUMP (OPEN).—1, Dixon i; 2, Brooksbank ; 3, Kirk.
Distance, 19ft. 10in. (previous record 18ft. 6in., 1914).

HIGH JUMP (JUNIOR).—1, Hall i ; 2, Bingham.
Height, 4ft. 5 1/2 in. (equal to record of 1920).

HOUSE RELAY (JUNIOR).—1, Ermysted ; 2, Toller.

HOUSE RELAY (SENIOR).—1, School House ; 2, Ermysted.

HALF-MILE HANDICAP (JUNIOR).—1, Harison iii ; 2, Taylor ii.

MILE (OPEN).—1, Aldridge ; 2, Lawrenson ; 3, Sturgeon ; 4, Rigby
Time, 5min. 18 4/5 sec.

OLD BOYS’ RACE.—1, H. L. Widdup.

HOUSE TUG-OF-WAR (FINAL).—-School House.

The leading scores for Championships at the time of writing are :
Open Championship : Dixon i, 40.
Junior Championship : Williamson, 28.
House Championship: Ermysted 53 1/2, Petyt 47, School House 45.

Ermysted’s School Cross Country – 28th March & 2nd April 1935

The Chronicles of Mid-Summer 1935 reports:
The Preliminary Cross Country was run in almost summerlike conditions on March 28th round the Bog Lane fields, but, this year, instead of going via White Hills, the runners started along the Grassington Road.
There was the usual congestion at the stiles, which probably made a difference at the finish. Through the fields there was a steady processlon, but once on the road again Toft increased his lead. Chippendale, of the Prep. Form, must have run very well to arrive home seventh.

The Senior and Junior Cross Country took place on the following Tuesday, under ideal conditions. Contrary to custom, there was a late start. Eventually, however, there was the usual flash of white as coats were taken off, and then the reckless dash downhill. The Golf Course wall faltered under the assault, but there were no casualties. Now the runners were divided into two streams, the Juniors taking the lower route to the Hawthorn Bush, while the Seniors crossed the Eller Beck higher up. Of course, several Juniors ran with the Seniors for quite a long way before discovering their mistake, and this year one Senior even proceeded for a little way with the Juniors.

Some boys, too, did not follow instructions at the Hawthorn Bush, Toft, I think, probably destroying his chances there. In the meantime Wild, Rhodes and the other leaders apparently ignored the drag up to Craven Heifer. Others however, found walking up easier. A great race now ensued, with Wild setting the pace and Rhodes keeping well placed. Arriving on the Top the latter made a great effort, and almost succeeded in overtaking his rival. Another yard and he would have won. The closest finish in the series. Taylor ii. and Sutherland ran well for third and fourth places, while Daggett II. and Parkinson had a great duel for fifth place, the former just getting it.

Meanwhile the Seniors had been ascending that wearisome hill to Low Laithe and crossing the fields to Flaites Barn, Aldridge, as expected, setting a good pace, with Archer, Lawrenson and Rigby striving hard. This order was maintained practically throughout the race, but Rigby making a splendid effort managed to get third place. School House, getting third, fourth, sixth and seventh places, finished first in the House Championship.

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