Ermysted’s Grammar School archives

Here you will find archive information and data from the school. Please keep checking back as we are adding more information all the time.

PDF copies of The Chronicles of Ermysted’s

Books and documents

Videos from the archives

501 – Quincentenary Pageant – Watch the video and see associated documents

A list of the Benefactors of Ermysted’s as read out each year at Founders’ Day

Headmasters of Ermysted’s, 1561 to present

Searchable database of teaching staff of Ermysted’s

Head Boys of Ermysted’s, 1913 to present

Interesting information about Ermysted’s

You’ll find lots of fascinating information about the history of our school on the School Website, but in this section we bring you a few other documents and artefacts from the archives.

The effect of the Local Government Act 1972 on Ermysted’s