Plans for the scattering of Peter Clarke’s ashes

20th August 2015

Old Boys are welcome to join us for the scattering of Peter Clarke’s ashes and a drink afterwards on Sunday 6th September.

Peter, who was known to boys who attended Ermysted’s over several decades as ‘Nuff Nuff’, died earlier this year. It was one of his wishes that his ashes be scattered partly at EGS and partly at Church Institute.

This will happen on Sunday 6th September 2015 at 4pm at Ermysted’s, then 4.30pm at Church Institute. The occasion will be followed by a pint as Peter would have wished at Herriots on Broughton Road in Skipton. Anyone wishing to attend any part of the afternoon would be most welcome to join us.

Read more about Peter and a tribute from former Headmaster David Buckroyd by clicking here.

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