Can you afford to give something back to your old school?

All Old Boys of Ermysted’s Grammar School are members of the Old Boy’s Society for life as soon as they leave the school. One of the reasons the Society exists, however, is to support the development of the school financially.

We hope that you value the excellent free education you received at Ermysted’s and would like to support the school to enable future generations to benefit from the high standards you enjoyed! By signing up for an annual subscription or making a one-off donation, you’ll be helping with the cost of projects such as new buildings, refurbishment, the purchase of equipment and much more.

We are most grateful for all donations, however small. Please consider giving what you can to help using the PayPal links on this page. An Old Boys’ Society subscription used to mean you’d get a copy of the Chronicles of Ermysted’s each year. But these days there is no printed version, just an edition that goes online on the school website. So in return for your subscription/donation, we’ll send you the electronic copy as well as quarterly updates from the Old Boys’ Society – all you need to do is complete this form to tell us your email address.

You don’t need a PayPal account to make a one-off payment – you can use any credit or debit card. If you’d like to set up an annual subscription you’ll need a PayPal account, but you will be able to set one up once you’ve clicked the link on this page.

**Please note that we will lose around 3% of whatever you donate in PayPal fees, but we feel that the benefit of Old Boys being able to contribute online in this way outweighs the fees.**

Annual subscription

Select an amount from the dropdown box below and click the ‘Subscribe’ button to begin an annual subscription via PayPal. We ask for an annual contribution of £10, but have provided options for you to give more should you wish to do so.

One-off donation

Please click the ‘Donate’ button below and then enter the amount you would like to donate to the Old Boys’ Society.

Thank you very much for considering to make a donation to the Ermysted’s Old Boys’ Society. We are very grateful indeed – we will ensure that the money is used to help current and future boys of Ermysted’s get the best start in life we can possibly offer.