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Following a successful fundraising effort to raise money to support the building of a new Sixth Form Centre, we have recognised that other pupils, parents, staff, Old Boys, governors and friends of the school may wish to make a donation towards our ongoing fundraising. The Old Boys’ Society raises money to help with projects that the school may otherwise be unable to fund – a recent example includes an £8,000 donation we made to pay for new computers in the school library.

We have a limited number of spaces available for pupils, parents, staff, Old Boys and friends of the school to be recognised for their financial contribution, by purchasing a panel bearing their name to be displayed in the Sixth Form Centre.

Sixth Form CentreAbout the Sixth Form Centre

Work began in Autumn 2015 on the new Sixth Form Centre at Ermysted’s Grammar School, located on the site of the old school canteen, just below ‘The Top’ and next to the Sports Hall. It features new classrooms as well as dedicated study areas with Wi-Fi access. The facility began being used in September 2016.

Increasingly, Ermysted’s is having to compete against other schools and colleges and our overcrowded facilities didn’t provide anywhere away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the school for those choosing to stay on for Sixth Form, or move here from another school.

Our Voluntary Aided status means we had to pay the first 10% of any construction work. The total cost of the project was £550,000, so we have had to find £55,000 of that through fundraising.

Dedication wall options

After the success of our initial fundraising initiative, we’ve re-opened the purchase of spaces on the Dedication Wall in the staircase area of the Sixth Form Centre. The Dedication Wall features the names of individuals and families who have contributed financially to the project. Old Boys, parents, governors, boys, staff and friends of the school are all welcome to purchase a panel to show their support.

EGSDedicationWall2There are two options for purchasing a space on the dedication wall. Click the image to see a larger version of what the panels look like.

For £50 you can buy a single line panel
This has space for individual’s name / family name eg. “John and Sarah Smith”

For £100 you can buy a double line panel
This has space for name or names plus a short message up to 10 words eg. “John and Sarah Smith – Parents of Old Boys Michael (1998-2005) and Jonathan (2002-2009)”

Please use the form below to request a space on the dedication wall. Once you click ‘complete payment’ you will be transferred to PayPal to make a payment for your purchase.

Thank you very much for your support of this really important project. If you have any questions regarding panel sizes, wording or special requests please contact us.


Dedication Wall

  • Thank you for supporting the Sixth Form Centre project. Please select the dedication wall option below that you would like to purchase. The total payable will update in the blue box on the right. Once you have made your selections, click 'Complete payment' to be taken through to the PayPal payment page. Here you will be able to pay by debit or credit card, or using your PayPal account if you have one (not required).

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