Geoffrey W. Naylor

11th May 2014

Former master Geoffrey Naylor has died aged 89.

Simon Naylor writes:

I would like to advise that my father Geoffrey W. Naylor, who was a teacher at Ermysted’s Grammer School during the early 1950s, sadly passed away on 16th April 2014 aged 89 at his care home in Auckland, New Zealand.
After graduating from Durham University, Geoff had spells of teaching at Ermysted’s, Barnard Castle School, Wymondham College (Norfolk) and a Technical college in Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). In 1964, Geoff joined the RAEC and reached the position of Major. A very keen sportsman, he gained high recognition within the RFU for his refereeing, officiating many county matches involving touring sides to the UK. After retiring from the Army in 1980, he returned to teaching at Bishop Stortford College but sadly lost his wife Lois to illness in 1990, shortly after his full retirement.

In 2001, at the age of 76, Geoff emigrated to New Zealand to live close to his daughter Andrea (who was born in Skipton), whilst enjoying the visits from his two sons Peter and Simon, living in Cape Town and Derby, respectively, and regular contact with his four grandchildren in NZ and the UK.

I would appreciate it if you could pass on this information as appropriate. However, for anyone who would like any further information, please let them contact me at

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  • DAVID LADD says:

    I heard only recently of Geoff’s passing. I saw him last on New Year’s Day 2009 in his lovely bungalow in Auckland as I was on a ’round-the-world’ and promised to visit him – as I did.
    He joined the staff of Bishops Stortford College in the same year as myself, 1980.
    I have lost a dear friend.

  • David Ladd says:

    I had heard from BSC colleagues that Geoff had passed away. He and I joined the staff at Stortford together in 1980 and remained close friends even after his retirement to NZ. I visited him on New Year’s Day 2009 whilst on a round-the-world trip and having just visited an old flame of mine in QLD Australia. I am much saddened to have the news of his death confirmed in this communication.

    David Ladd, London

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